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Miss Kō - Photograph of the illuminated sign
Miss Kō - Photograph of the bar with illustrated tapestry

The unusual environment of Miss Kō is a truly aesthetic and culinary journey in an unexpected universe. Allowing you to meet at any time of the day.

Miss Kō - Asian ramen design icon
To live solo, duo, with family or friends

Miss Kō is a restaurant imagined as the scenario of a new phantasmagorical experience. A global work whose director is Philippe Starck and the main heroine, the mysterious Miss Kō.
Like a work of art Miss Kō unfolds his scenario of science-fiction. A true temple of urban art, Miss Kō will invite artists related to various fields such as cooking, design and fashion so that the excitement is constant and effervescence, permanent.

Miss Kō - Decorative style of the restaurant

Miss Kō is a restaurant, a canteen, a tea room, a party place and an art scene. Miss Kō symbolizes interactions not only in her cooking and decorative styles but in everything that men can have to share or simply give and share.

Miss Kō - Chic, fun and crazy decoration of the restaurant

At the epicenter of Paris’ golden triangle, come get lost in a chic fun and delirious environment imagined by Philippe Starck.

Enjoy a night and crazy "food street" which, on 500m2, declines different ways of appropriating the place, from the covered terrace on George V Avenue, to the show of kitchens.

Miss Kō - Photograph of a Japanese inspired chandelier at the restaurant
A magistral decor

The backbone of the space is a double bar of screens stretching a full 26 metres. It is the signature piece of the place, the embodiment of its frenzied fomentation, friendly sharing and hypnotizing dazzle, an original creation by Philippe Starck that juxtaposes on its surface hundreds of monitors that ceaselessly broadcast Asian channels, punctuated by the nonchalant passage of a dragon designed by Label Dalbin

Miss Kō - Fresco by David Rochline on the walls of the restaurant

On a wall, the iconoclastic artist David Rochline signs a monumental fresco. This eclectic creator, inspired by the rock spirit of his debut, deploys in this work, his abundant and meticulous graphic universe and his characters, drawn from a futuristic manga evoke the spirit of old-fashioned wallpapers.

Miss Kō - Umbrellas hanging from the ceiling of the restaurant

This « food street » comes to life thanks to a morphing of Asian faces projected on the concrete wall that completes the magic of the place. All these textures created by Philippe Starck are expertly brought to life by lighting designer Jean-Philippe Bourdon, who uses shadows as actors and plays with elements that seem to lose all proportion, such as the creations of visual artist Régis-R.

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